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Cash Incentive

MN Associates has a team of professional & dedicated Cash Incentive Consultants, professional Chartered Accountants, International renowned Certified Documentary Credit Specialists (CDCS) and International Certified Finance of International Trade (IFC-FIT) to make you proper solutions.

We have ten years above experienced in this area & have a dedicated team of Professional Cash Incentive Consultants, Professional Chartered Accountants, International Certified Documentary Credit Specialists (CDCS) & Foreign Trade(Export/Import) Experienced Bankers.


We are professional expert to calculate actual & accurate cash incentive amount against export proceeds according to Bangladesh Bank circulars & requirements. It is very important to all Exporters to calculate & take actual cash incentive amount against their export proceeds.

Cash Incentive calculation & documentation is very important for exporters if any error found in this case Bangladesh Bank Audit or National Board of Revenue(NBR) Audit may be returned your Cash Incentive money within 3(Three years). So we are very careful & conscious about our calculation & documentation.
Otherwise The National Board of Revenue(NBR) & Bangladesh Bank Audit Team may be returned the Cash Incentive Money to the government fund if they find miscalculation of cash incentive or in order documents.

We are not only cash incentive consultant but also processing compliance export & back to back document, counseling about Export/Import LC, completing ICT solutions with factories and offices.