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Vat Forms

1. Mushak-1: Price Declaration

2. Mushak-1ka: Price Declaration of Tariff Items

3. Mushak-1kha: Value Declaration for Traders

4. Mushak-1ga: Price Declaration of Exempted and Exportable Items

4. Mushak-1Gha: Value Declaration on MRP

6. Mushak-2kha: Annual Declaration of Turnover Tax

7. Mushak-4: Return Submission of Turnover Tax 

8. Mushak-5: Receipt of Seizure

9. Mushak-5ka: Personal Undertaking for Releasing Goods and Vehicle

10. Mushak-6: Application for Registration

11. Mushak-7: Declaration of Plant, Machinery and Premises

12. Mushak-8: VAT Registration

13. Mushak-9: Application for Change of Status

14. Mushak-10: Application for Cancellation of Registration

15. Mushak-11: VAT Challanpatra

16. Mushak-11ka: Cash memo for Traders

17. Mushak-11kha: Challanpatra Verification Form

18. Mushak-11ga: Inputs Transfer for Contractual Production

19. Mushak-11gha: Challanpatra for Immigration Adviser, Coaching Center and Others

20. Mushak-12: Credit Note

21. Mushak-12ka: Debit Note

22. Mushak-12kha: VDS Certification

23. Mushak-15: Declaration of Stored Inputs

24. Mushak-16: Purchase Register

25. Mushak-17: Sales Register

26. Mushak-17ka: Purchase and Sales Register for TT

27. Mushak-18: Current Account Register

28. Mushak-19: Return Submission

29. Mushak-20: Application for Export

30. Mushak-21: Application for Enlistment as Established Exporter

31. Mushak-22: Application for Drawback

32. Mushak-23: Application for Sample Certification

33. Mushak-24: Information Submission for Case to Case Drawback

34. Mushak-25: Certification for Export by Post

35. Mushak-26: Application for Disposal of Unusable Inputs

36. Mushak-27: Application for Disposal of Unsalable Products

37. Mushak-28: Notice for Realization of Arrear

38. Mushak-29: Warrant for Freezing Bank Account

39. TR-31 Form